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6 Best Practices for Self-Guided Tours

In the competitive world of apartment leasing, every detail counts. Self-guided tours offer a unique opportunity to showcase your property to potential residents. However, overlooking even the smallest details can significantly impact your conversion rate.

In this post, we'll delve into six best practices derived from a recent secret shop evaluation, aimed at ensuring your self-guided tours are not just effective but exceptional.

(1) Highlight Your Best Unit:

Start off on the right foot by showcasing your most impressive units. During our evaluation, we encountered a unit missing essential components like a toilet seat, highlighting the importance of thorough preparation.

(2) Illuminate the Experience:

Ensure adequate lighting throughout the apartment, even if it means installing motion-sensor lights. Our visit revealed an apartment where lights were off and blinds closed, detracting from the overall experience.

(3) Invest in the Right Smart Technology:

Opt for self-closing and self-locking smart locks to enhance security and convenience. We found that relying solely on prospects to lock the door behind them can post risks, emphasizing the need for automated locking systems.

(4) Ensure Consistency in Risk Management Measures:

Equip all entry points with smart locks to maintain consistency and enhance safety. Inconsistencies in our evaluation, where only the front door had a smart lock, underscored the importance of uniform safety measures.

(5) Provide Clear Directions:

Offer detailed instructions to guide the prospective residents seamlessly to the unit. Our experience revealed a lack of clear directions, resulting in confusion and frustration for potential residents.

(6) Address Parking Concerns:

Facilitate parking arrangements to streamline the touring experience. Limited parking options during our visit presented obstacles to a smooth tour, highlighting the need for proactive parking solutions.

In the digital age, it's easy to overlook traditional showcasing principles. However, as our evaluation demonstrates, presentation is paramount in capturing leases. By implementing these best practices, you can elevate your self-guided tours from ordinary to outstanding, maximizing your leasing success.

Choose wisely. Not all self-guided tours are created equal.

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